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 On MAY 24th, 2019. Independent comic book juggernaut, ROUGH HOUSE PUBLISHING opened up their online pre-orders for the sequel to their FantaCo Enterprises licensed GORE SHRIEK® property, appropriately titled, GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS VOLUME TWO, and this time they firmly promise that all “heads will roll” with this epic second installment in their “Resurrectus” line of the of the horror anthology series!

The first ever promotional poster for GORE SHRIEK RESURRECTUS; 2015. Artwork by PUTRID MATT CARR!

The first ever promotional poster for GORE SHRIEK RESURRECTUS; 2015. Artwork by PUTRID MATT CARR!

As usual, this new GORE SHRIEK® series is NOT a reprinting of the past, but a BRAND NEW ongoing comic book reading experience, with veteran GORE SHRIEK® artists paired up with new blood to compose a splatterpunk comic book that will hearken back to what’s been deemed the “Fangoria Age” and the glorious B&W indie comics BOOM of the 1980’s.

 “We left no sharp object unburrowed for this new issue”, claims Rough House head artist/founder, DEREK ROOK of this latest effort.  After re-releasing their inaugural issue earlier this year as an ONGOING series, ROOK made a point to ensure their rabid gore hound audiences that a sequel wasn’t just inevitable, but that it was actively in development after what appeared to be a long and indefinite hiatus.

 “We never stopped, but we did have to pump the breaks in order to deal with some personal business and life changes. Once we were ready to rock and roll again, we decided to organize a soft re-launch of the company, beginning with RESURRECTUS ONE as an ongoing series. In retrospect, we were so much stronger for having done so.”

 And if this sophomore issue is any indication of a Rough House with a more fortified brick-shithouse foundation, then new and seasoned GORE SHRIEK® “Roughians” (Rough House appropriation for “fans”) are going to let go of all their guts in gory matrimony over this new installment!

To this bold statement, ROOK promises, “We’ve recruited the most widely talented super freaks from all four points of the globe to ensure the true long-term GORE SHRIEK® aficionados get their devils due!  You’ll be a LOT of things after reading this issue.  Disappointed will NOT be one of them!”  And to ensure that all promises hold true, said “super freaks” included Rough House’s mainstay scribe, MIKE “Corpse Monger” WASION along with newest Rough House brethren, STEVE VAN SAMSON (see article HERE) and the runaway talents of TOM SKULAN, MARK BLOODWORTH, WILLIAM SKAAR, J. PAOLO YU-ASENSI, DAVID JAMES RAVENNA, PUTRID MATT CARR, KARL DAHMER, ALEXANDROS PYROMALLIS, with JEFF ZORNOW, ALEX HOEY and DEREK ROOK!


unnamed (1).jpg

 GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS VOLUME TWO is MORE of everything you loved about the first issue, only with more diversity, more audacity and more WTF moments than you can shake a gnarled Clavicle at.  With the first issue ushering original GORE SHRIEK® artist, BRUCE SPAULDING FULLER back off the bench after almost 30 years, then for this newest issue, the RH crew had to travel out a bit further in the ether to bring home another classic GORE SHRIEK® superstar, …the one, the only, … THE GURCH!


 To the uninitiated, the name, “GURCH”, sounds like a character in the very horror comic that we are trying to sell, but in reality, he is an astute and extremely talented gent from across the pond.  For those who are in the know, his unique and kinetic style of artwork was most widely associated with the classic Gore Shriek® Vol. 2 which ran from 1990-1991, and included an “All Gurch” issue #2 ½.  That may have been where his initial run had ended, but THE GURCH’s artwork was popping up as early in the series as Gore Shriek® Vol. 1, in the rare and coveted digest/ashcan #6 ½.


 And now he’s BACK!

 THE GURCH received the first GORE SHRIEK RESURRECTUS issue in the mail and was immediately taken with the accuracy and attention to returning the series to its bloody roots, and as such, jumped all in for this newest installment.  THE GURCH provided two brand new stories, a full color-centerfold poster, pin-up artwork and extras.  He’s not fooling around, kids, GURCH came back to kick some good ol’ fashioned, steel toed ass and assures fans that he is 100% all in for this Rough House ride!  We have so much more planned for him as this series unfolds, but you’ll just have to wait and see what we have in store for future issues!

So what can Gore-Heads expect from this latest parlay into the blood fields of gore and swill?

 For one thing, the book is clocking in at an epic 52 pages (parred up from the originals 48) which includes of course, more stories and also more commentary.  As the classic GORE SHRIEK® series progressed, largely after legendary comic book artist STEPHEN R. BISSETTE  took over as Managing Editor, the book became increasingly more of a “magazine” complete with articles, artwork and stories mixed together almost in a fanzine style format. This new issue tests those waters a little as well.


In addition, GORE SHRIEK®RESURRECTUS VOLUME TWO features not one, but TWO incredibly disturbing GURCH covers for the die hard’s to sink their chompers into!

COVER A (dubbed “Bird Brain”) was drawn up specifically for this Resurrectus Volume, while COVER B (dubbed “Cheeky”) was originally drawn years ago for an issue of GORE SHRIEK® that never materialized, once again “resurerected” specifically for this series.

Regarding the feel and tone of the new installment, ROOK shed some dark light over the proceedings. “We want the book to feel “lived-in”, like pulling on an old pair of Doc Martins.  We don’t just want a bunch of random horror stories smashed together in some garden variety horror anthology. This is GORE SHRIEK®, and once you’ve experienced the roller coaster ride of pure hardcore horror, strange humor, bizarre occurrences and deadly consequences, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and ….well, you’ll fucking SHRIEK!”

Each artist is hand-picked based on not only their personal style but knowledge of title, and series creator, TOM SKULAN approves all of the scripts to ensure that we’re giving our audiences something that is unabashedly, and uniquely, GORE SHRIEK®!


Here’s a breakdown of the stories featured in this issue!

100 STORIES TO READ BEFORE YOU DIE - Just because you have irrational fears doesn’t mean they can’t kill you, or can’t they?  A swift reintroduction to the madness of Gore Shriek favorite, THE GURCH!

IMAGO DEI - How many times does the universe have to tell you, when travel abroad, DON’T–TOUCH-ANYTHING!  Make sure your passport is in good shape, because you definitely WON’T be!  As told by Gore Shriek® newcomer, ALEXANDROS PYROMALLIS!

NO.WARE.MAN - Did you ever wake up from a nightmare and quickly try to write it down before you forgot?  Really?  So did TOM SKULAN, and the result is the FIRST EVER Gore Shriek® story based on a treatment from the series creator himself.  Polishing off this tale of easily-sold settlers is Gore Shriek’s newest scribe, STEVE VAN SAMSON with artwork provided by MARK BLOODWORTH and DEREK ROOK!

DEJA WHO? - You didn’t think THE GURCH was done with you yet, did you?  He’s far from done with rattling your cage as written and rendered in this Twilight Zone-style tale of mistaken identity, or identity mistaken!

ROTTEN APPLE - New York City traffic can be the death of you.  Throw in a heat wave and a flat tire on top of it, and you’d certainly be eating your crap sandwich with a rotten apple.  What else could go wrong?  Well that’s just the first panel.  A little tale of bad luck brought to you by writer/artist, DEREK ROOK and artist DAVID JAMES RAVENNA!!

 LIL DARLING - Predators are everywhere.  And we mean, EVERYWHERE!  But even for Apex Scumbags in wait, there is a home where they can be properly pampered, cared for and loved.  Written sand Drawn by DEREK ROOK!

GORE BEAST - This little embellishment about how bullies are dealt with will have you saying, “Well, that escalated quickly!” as told by writer, MIKE WASION and artist, J. PAOLO YU-ASENSI!

TRASH COLLECTING - Remember what happened to the boy who got everything he ever wanted …NO! He didn’t live happily ever after!  This is a Gore Shriek® yarn!  What we can tell you is this is by far the DIRTIEST story we’ve ever run!  You might need a shower after reading this one!  Written by MIKE WASION and drawn by KARL DAHMER!

PIZZA BY THE SLICE - You may have seen every over the top road trip movie in existence, but we guarantee you’ve never seen a rubber and asphalt, bare-knuckle, acid trip, horror ho-down like THIS in your whole putrid existence!  Writer MIKE WASION and artist, WILLIAM SCAAR closes you out of this episode with a little Alabama heat, pigsploitation, boobs and braces galore!  Grab a slice of the works, buckle your safety belts and enjoy the shit show!


The comic book market is dying (don’t worry, kids.  This story has a happy ending!)

 However, the nostalgia and collectible market are continuing to thrive and as such we continue to offer you a phrase we coined, “TANGIBLE AWESOME”! What does that mean to you?  Welp, for one thing, you’re not going to ever read this book on a tablet or any other digital format.  We want to give the roughians a real comic book reading and collecting experience that you’ll enjoy as much 30 years from now as you do today.  With the last issue of GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS, our readers received special lobby cards specific to the three covers they chose from along with commemorative stickers and shameful self-demoters (Rough House stickers to boot).

 This time we exhumed a new SLEW of extras that have been divided between the two GURCH front covers that we are offering with GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS VOLUME TWO (please see included extras HERE).  Because they’re so lofty this time around, we’re gonna’ give you a play by play of everything we’re offering up this go-around for your viewing and purchasing displeasure!



With every purchase of GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS VOLUME TWO (COVERS A or B), readers will receive a Rough House Publishing sticker and a GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS promotional sticker with at by THE GURCH!


With every purchase of GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS VOLUME TWO (COVERS A or B), readers will receive  a Double-Sided Centerfold poster, suitable for display and/or framing.  One side features art from DEREK ROOK from the story “ROTTEN APPLE” and the other side provided by THE GURCH!


Brother Marlon and Dante Motta served as Associate Producers for the original crowd-funded version of Gore Shriek® Resurrectus Volume One back in 2016.  Together they are the horror metal outfit, MANIAC BANSHEES, and their music was heavily inspired by the horrors provided by GORE SHRIEK®!  As a super special limited edition extra, we are including this Full-Length debut Compact Disc with every purchase of GURCH COVER A!  CD artwork by DEREK ROOKLimited to 250 copies!



THE GURCH wants to keep in touch with you!  So he’s gone ahead and drawn up this handy double –sided “faux advert” Post Card so you can pen pal your new goul friends from coast to bloody coast!  This will be included with every purchase of GURCH COVER A! Limited to 250 copies!


This medial grade barf bag is made to withstand your weak ass stomach and the vomit inducing stories we have offered up to our readership!  Love us or hate us, this “VOMIT BUSTER™” will serve both purposes! Available with GURCH COVER BLimited to 750 copies!


This digest sized ashcan contains two added GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS stories specifically for this volume!  Not for sale or available in any other format.  Artwork and stories provided by JEFF ZORNOW and ALEX HOEY!  Available with GURCH COVER BLimited to 750 copies!


GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS VOLUME TWO is available for pre-sale NOW with shipping expected to begin mid-July!  GORE SHRIEK® RESURRECTUS VOLUME ONE is available immediately, in limited volume while supplies last! ORDER YOURS HERE!